Welcome to The Adventures of Bobby and George..

Welcome to The Adventures of Bobby and George. Way back then i used to love to write. By writing this blog im trying to recapture that love again. So here are our adventures. Our little family life. For family who live round the corner and for family that dont. For our children to read when they've grown. But really just to write. Hope you enjoy x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ten on Tuesday

My Ten for this week..

1) Who ever wrote this article has an American version of my head. Serious. 

2) So if you didn't already know I spent last weekend in Barcelona! I think I had tapas for most meals. So fit.

3) Complete water only detox until August now.

4) George fell asleep on me today, he never does this. Gorgeous boy xx


5) Missed non uniform day yesterday again didn't we?!!! In my defence I was in another country this time! 

6) When did my baby get from this...

To this??
7) Peter's birthday yesterday, he's actually amazing ( but I have a sneaky suspicion that he knows it too!).

8) I am so so so so tired today. Hence all the photies, my mind is too mashed up too think. 

9) Loving getting a veg box each week! Love how they tie it with string!! Ps this is not middle class. 

10) Take me back to Barca.. Please?

Monday, 2 June 2014

Ten on Tuesday

The return of Ten on Tuesday....

1) I haven't wrote on my blog for about 18 months. I'm not sure why I stopped. I think I got too concerned about what people thought of it (and me). I think also I thought people were sick of reading it, which is crackers to think that because if people were sick of reading it, they simply wouldn't read it. Simples.

2) There were a few reasons I started the blog. A) I enjoy writing. B) I wanted to have a kind of online memoir for my family as we all got older. C) I love it when people love what I write. D) I enjoy writing.

3) I think I'm going to rekindle my blog romance, watch this space ...

4) When I was little I remember looking at my mums catalogue and seeing an advert for some up and coming, very sought after Reebok trainers and on that page it said "watch this space", so I did. For a while I think. Just watched the page. Nothing happened obv. 

5) Yesterday George ran out of the restaurant we were having lunch in, straight into the middle of a busy car park outside. I ran after him and screamed blue murder at him, mainly because I was terrified he would be hit by a car. I did feel a bit guilty about shouting at him but felt even more embarrassed walking back into the restaurant where I'm sure some of the diners had heard EVERYTHING I said (or shouted). Stay classy Luce. *hangs head in shame*
6) Another Classic George moment of the weekend happened when I was sitting on  a bench having a coffee on Saturday at a farm. Picture the scene if you will, when I say bench I mean those that you get in pub beer gardens but mini ones, child friendly ones. It was really busy. I was really enjoying my coffee when suddenly George was behind me and before I knew it he had pulled my top right up to my neck and I was flashing half my backside and a whole load of back fat!! The poor fella behind us got an eyeful, scarred for life he will have been.. Pete tactful mention something about a full moon. I frantically pulled my top back down quickly but sadly not quick enough. I'm sweating now as I recall it. Worst nightmare stuff this is!! 

7) You probably heard we have an new addition to our tribe. Beautiful Annabelle. More on her later (must remember to change blog name).

8) In 3 sleeps in going to Barcelona with some of my favourite people. With NO kids. NO KIDS. I repeat NO KIDS!! Yeeeehaaaarrr!!!! So excited, I think I may have peaked to early tho, my aim is to party but also to sleep. 

9) Who'd have thought a baby walker could be so much fun!! 

10) I hereby pledge to write on my blog more and not to worry about what people think.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..

A few cheeky little photos of putting the Christmas tree up. Only a week late!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I feel a bit wingey tonight, so i apologise in advance.

2. I fed my kids garlic bread for tea tonight. It went down well with George but Bobby has decided it doesn't like the garlic bit.

3. In a few weeks the season of 'going away 2/3 days a week' for Pete will be over till March. I'm so ready for it.

4. I am so over winter and all its bugs already. For the past 6 weeks, at least 1 of my kids has been on antibiotics/steroids/inhalers/copious amounts of calpol, if not both of them. .
It's chest infections aplenty over here. And to make matters worse my doctors are not giving children under 5 the flue jab. So even though about 900 doctors have said Bobby probably has asthma, they won't diagnose him till he's 5. So no flue jab for him. As for George who has a weakness in his chest from being properly poorly when he was 8 weeks old, last year he had the jab and I swear didn't even have a runny nose all winter. Well not this year. I know in the grand scheme of things this is so tiny , but in our little household a cold or chesty chesty coughs mean the difference between sleep and no sleep. Need I say more... ( I've just read this back and I know I sound a bit like a spoiled brat, I know that that are loads of worse things in the world right now., but I just want to write down what's going round in my head.)

5. Me and George spent about 3 hours at my grandma and grandads today. This is good for my soul.

6. I swear I recognise everyone in Halifax.

7. My guilty pleasure is Towie. I love it.

8. In just under a month my baby will be 2. 2 whole years old. How did that happen?

9. I've recently come across this family's story,and this woman's fight. I think the only way I can help is by sharing it.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Last few weeks in pictures..

Its been a busy past few weeks for us, we've had D+V, new school term and chest infections aplenty but Here's a few nice photos from the past few weeks..

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mum, Dad just broke the private rule..

This post isn't an easy read or very funny. It contains a meaty issue, a paranoid woman who's sometimes on the edge of running away to an Amish village and bringing her kids up in a 'safe' place, and a mental woman in toys r us.

All this thinking started in my head a few days ago, after a certain conversation- the one below- and i wanted to put this out there, to see what people think, to gather advice from other parents. But mainly for someone to say i am not alone.

"Mum, Dad just broke the private rule"
Me: What do you mean love? What private rule?
Bobby: "He just touched my bum".

I had 3 initial responses to this. My first was what the chuff is the private rule? Secondly i just wanted to laugh, that it was his dad that had broken the Private rule. Thirdly i was relieved. Relived that what i had been saying to him was going in.

We've been having issues recently, we're trying to teach our son who has no concept of privacy that his "bits" are his bits. That they are private, they are his and no the whole of Morrisons don't want to see them.
This is a subject that i think is close to my heart. I worry about bad things happening to my kids. When i say bad things i mean bad things by bad people. We teach our children that there is no such thing as monsters. Yet i know differently. For a fact. There are actual monsters in this world.  Its such a difficult subject to write about, i think because its such a horrific thing. I choose not to think about it, but just because i choose not to think about it,it doesn't mean that its not an issue. I'm not sure what to teach my kids about paedophiles. urgh i cant believe i wrote that word. Obviously i don't want to bring them up to fear people but i think there should be a certain amount of 'stranger danger'.

I read articles about victims and i think how can i stop this happening to my child. When they were both small i could keep them so i was always watching them but now they are getting older I'm not sure i can.

We are staying on a caravan site and i don't like Bobby playing in between the caravans, he ask why and i tell him its because i want him to play where i or his dad can see him. His dad is much more relaxed than me, i want him to be able to roam free too but all i think about is we don't know who is in those caravans. I start to get a bit panicky and make a new rule that the kids can only play on the decking which is around our caravan. I know in my heart of hearts that this restriction has a shelf life. I cant keep my children so close to me all their lives.Nor do i want too. I don't want them to grow up in fear but i want them to grow up empowered.

Also I'm aware of something someone professional told me recently. When you suffer from a type of trauma, and are faced with everyday situations which may trigger a memory of your experience then you may not be able to deal with it in a rational way because a chemical is released in the front of your brain which causes you to panic and you cant see past this situation without relating back to the trauma.Therefor you cant act or think rationally. Or how you would think or act normally. I'm not sure of all the science in this or biology for that matter, I'm just going on what a trusted friend has told me. Plus it makes sense to me. So when i think of how i acted like a mental woman when we lost Bobby in toys r us for a few minutes, i was screaming his name and shouting at people that id lost my son (those poor people!!), It now makes sense to me that all i could think was that someone was walking out the door with him.

Im writing this and thinking "whats the point in sitting here, bringing all these feelings up, no bodys going to want to read this anyway beacuse it will make them feel uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable writing it. I feel vulnerable writing this. No one likes to feel vulnerable. Im sat here at my dads caravan, One of my kids is napping and the other is out walking with his dad, so im putting this post out there. What i want to know is how do other people, parents, grandparents feel about this. do you worry too? Am i on my own in this?

I'm sorry that this post is so rambled. I've hovered over the post button with this post more than any other but this is a bit of an issue for me and i want to know what other people do, what do you teach your kids about strangers or appropriate privacy?  I'm going to link this post to my face book but if you'd rather not comment as that's too public,please message me.

Thank you for reading, Lucy x

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Today we stopped by a tiny village called Hutton-le-hoe. There was much confusion of the name as our very yorkshire caravan neighbour recommended it but we though it was Huttonly hole.

It had this gorgeous little stream running through it so we thought it would be rude not to have a little paddle. Here are some photos of us, mainly trying to control George as he was like an absolute nutter trying to race across it,throw himself in and was shouting BAFFF at the top of his lungs,it was VERY slippy! I've no idea how he didn't fall. Bobby got all 'marine biologist' on us and spent most of the time taking water samples(!!).
George also threw his shoe down stream. That had to be my highlight..